The Wednesday market has everything you need for good eating and a chance to take a little break and enjoy life.  Nate Lopez is our loyal Wednesday troubador.

Nate Lopez hails from the Santa Rosa California area but can be seen at festivals, workshops and concerts through out the state and beyond. He is a delight at crafts fairs and festivals because he brings his own acoustic finger stlye of picking to the stage. His favorite music is jazz, blues and funk, although he sounds much like a folk artist in his style and fills his repertoire with original and unusual favorites.

He calls upon pop and seasonal songs for the holidays or whatever may fit his fancy to express in his long list of standards and favorites. Nate plays a custom electric 8-string hybrid bass/guitar and an acoustic 7 string guitar. He keeps himself busy with a schedule of festivals, restaurants and wineries he appears at or can be seen with other local musicians in a trio or band format. One of his appearances is with vocalist Maria Jameau as part of the Blue Brazil band.

He has been performing for over a decade at venues including the Earthfest L.A., Winter Namm, the Catalyst Club in Santa Cruz, Laguna Beach Jazz and Art Festival, Ghirardeli Square San Francisco, Reno Jazz Festival etc. He has been a featured artist on radio stations KRSH, KBBF and KGGV.