Saturday March 30th – Vendors List

Whatever is involved in your Spring fling from soup to nuts you can get it at the Saturday market.

It’s a bloomin’ market with flowers galore. Spring bouquets from Ridgeview Farm, lilac branches from Middleton, acres of orchids from X-oitcals, and beautiful pots of spring flowers from Daffodils, Dahlias, Lilies Oh My!

Vegetables are well into spring with a few late winter crops still around. There are plenty of eggs at the market. Many so beautiful you don’t have to dye them.

Parsons Home Grown is back with mostly cherry tomatoes and yellow beefstakes.

Saturday Vendors:

St Rose Winery

Bohemian Wellbeing Farm

Salmon Creek Ranch

Not Yer Mommas Granola

Franco’s One World Sausage

Williams Ranch

Two Rock Valley Cheese

Costeaux Bakery

John Ford Ranch

Pepper Ranch

The Black Sheep Farm

Stonehouse Olive Oil

Full Circle Bakery

Weirauch Ranch

Hue de Laroque

Owens Family Farm

Hilltop Honey

Bolani – East West

Earth Temple

Chef Henderson

Ultimate Souvlaki

Edgeworks Sharpening Services

Penang Kitchen

La Vida Buena Nursery

Min-Hee Hill Gardens

EGB Farms

Ridgeview Farms

Daffodils, Dahlias, Lilies’ Oh My!

Parsons HomeGrown

DeSantis Farms

Orchard Farms

Nature Spirits Garden

Foggy River Farm



Branch & Brine

Offerings of the Land

Middleton Farms

Singing Frogs Farm

Armstrong Valley Farm

Williamson Farms

Hector’s Honey

California Coops

Sonoma Garden Designs

Guerilla Foods

Kristin’s Krafts

Royal Hare

Willow Designs

Victoria Kemp

Aroma Floral

Truths Dolls

Comfort Zone

By the Elvin Moon

Gandolf’s Fine Chocolate

Raymond’s Bakery

Mi Fiesta Catering

Water Horse Ridge

The Garden Wild

Dominique’s Sweets

GaGa Cafe

Mama Baretta

Bumble Bee Seafood


Run Around

Green Grocer



The amazing Wednesday market is the perfect pop-up market and food court.   The very best of Sonoma grown from  local farmers,  ranchers, chefs and craftspeople.     Hector has asparagus , Tom Noble Armstrong Valley Farm has carrots, Min-Hee Gardens has wonderful big bunches of garlic chives and everyone has lettuce some tiny baby lettuce and some big beautiful heads.  The very best salads start here.

Bohemian Well Being Farm has the best selection of foraged and locally cultivated mushrooms.  Mr. Kim is a wealth of information about using mushrooms both fresh and dried.

Our Wednesday food court offers something for everyone.  And they all have dishes that are perfect for later.  Eat with us in our beautiful location or take it to go.


Hectors Honey

Bohemian Well Being Farm

Armstrong Valley Farm

Min-Hee Hill Gardens

Willow Designs

Full Circle Bakery

Gaga Cafe

The Garden Wild

Water Horse Ridge

Mi Fiesta Catering

Comfort Zone

Dreamcatcher Ranch

Salmon Creek Ranch

Green Grocer

Penang’s Kitchen



Contact information for vendors