This week’s meal deal features Sciliana Sausage from Franco’s One World Sausage

“Franco has a gift. He has a fabulous palate,” said Bruce Aidells. “What separates a good sausage from a great one is its balance of flavors. Franco has a real knack of knowing how to do that.”

For Dunn, it’s just about doing what he loves and doing it right, he says. “I love the process. The best food comes from the traditional, from an authentic place. And I try to be true to that.”

Dunn’s sausages, which vary each week by what ingredients are available, are so popular they often sell out. He recently decided to set up his own company, One World Sausage, but has no plans to expand the company beyond himself and his brother Dennis, who often staffs their booth at the farmers market.

“To me, sausage is basic soul food,” says Dunn, 62, “and it’s like that all over the world. Every culture has its own sausage recipes. I make my sausages with respect to tradition and history. My goal is not to create ‘new’ sausages, but to give my customers the best examples of recipes that have been handed down for generations.”


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