Saturday December 17th Vendor List
It’s going to be beautiful. Over 60 local businesses all within walking distance of each other. A fabulous food court with something for everyone. Santa Claus is coming to the market around 10:30am. For an old fashion touch for the young and young at heart we will be making pomander balls look for the table near Santa.

And here are all of Santa’s helpers
Farmers and Ranchers
Armstrong Valley Farm
Bernier Farms
Bohemian Farms
New Family Farm
Farm Sinclair
Foggy River
Gourmet Farms
Hectors Honey
Humble Roots
John Ford
K & K Farms
Laguna Farm
Min Hee Gardens
Neve Rose
Nut n Other
Owen Farms
Salmon Creek
Schletewitz Family Farm
Singing Frogs
Straus Family Creamery
The Beet Generation
Nature’s Spirit
Two Rock Cheese
Anello’s Seafood
Ely’s Kitchen
Foodie Farmhouse
Falafel Fix
Lata Indian Cuisine
Min Hee’s Seoul Kitchen
Alma’s oil Cloth
Anna’s Seafood
Aroma Floral
Barrell Creations
Berkman’s Spices
Ca Coops
Cookie take a bite
Costeaux Bakery
Created by Vanae
Crumb Hither
DH Woodwork
Dominique Sweets
Earth Temple
Eyrie Olive Oil
Farm to Ferments
Franco One World Sausage
Full Circle Bakery
Grizzly Bear Sweets
Home Maid Ravioli
Hur de Larque
I’m Sew Sure
Inner Sunrise
John Rizzi
Kristen’s Krafts
Leon Day
Mi Fiesta
Multiple Threads
Phi Kind Organic Chocolate
Princess Seafood
Pure Puer Tea
Queen Bee Kitchen
Raymond’s Bakery
Rovers Choice
Royale Hare
Run Around Brew
Silk Winds
Sonoma Garden Designs
Stonehouse Olive Oil
The Garden Wild
The Hummus Guy
Traveling Boutique
Varda Rose
Wardwork Art



Some of the best cooks are vendors at the Santa Rosa Original Certified Farmers Market

Each week the market highlights a recipe and the  ingredients are on special at the market


Sausage, cabbage and carrots  Oh Boy!  Photo from Home Cooking

Sausage, cabbage and carrots Oh Boy!
Photo from Home Cooking


This week the recipe comes from Franco — Franco’s  One World Sausage.  It’s fast, easy and truly tasty and all the ingredients are on special January 4th

Sausage and Cabbage

1 small head of cabbage (cut into bite size pieces)

4 sausage links

½ lb carrots sliced

1 small onion diced

3 cloves garlic diced

salt and pepper

Medium heat

Brown the sausages on all sides and remove from the pan

Add the onions and carrots and garlic and saute until soft.

Add the cabbage, salt and pepper (to taste) sausage and cover the pan.

Cook for until the cabbage is tender, stirring occasionally (approx. 15-20 minutes)

Specials available for this dish from:

Franco’s One World Sausage – sausage

Bernier Farm  – cabbage

Armstrong Valley Farm – garlic, carrots

Here’s the math:
Our special meal deal comes in under $20.00
If you have’t tried sausages from Franco’s One World Sausages
this is a great opportunity.

Siciliana is the freatured sausage Pork with white wine, garlic, wild fennel, coriander and other spices. $9 for a pack.

Bernier Farm i cabbage for $1.50 per pound. 2 lbs of cabbage will work but he said his are large (2-4 lbs)

Tom is selling carrots for $2 lb and garlic typically is $2.50 per head.

Small onion from anyone is about $2.

$9 Sausage
$4.50 Cabbage
$2.00 Carrots
$2.00 Onion
$2.50 Garlic

$19.50 Total with cabbage, garlic and carrots left over. (sounds like cole slaw)




Get ready for a fabulous 4th at the Wednesday market

Making a special Wednesday appearance  Franco’s One World Sausage — all your grilling needs and check out this meatloaf –Napolitano style meat loaf made with beef, pork, parmigiano, provolone, mortadella and proscuitto cotto.   Not your momma’s meat loaf.

Penny Royal Farm is new to the Wednesday market they have wonderful goat and sheep cheeses including an amazing blue.  They also carry vinegars and verjus made from their own wine grapes.  Ver jus is the juice of unripened wine grapes.

Ridgeview Farm is here with beautiful seasonal bouquets not too mention beautiful summer produce.

The Firecracker Line-up

Hectors Honey

Armstrong Valley Farm

Parsons HomeGrown

EGB Farms

The Patch

Sebastopol Berry Farm

Min-Hee Hill Gardens

Penny Royal Farm

Ridgeview Farm

The Beet Generation

Bohemian Wellbeing Farm

Full Circle Bakery

Gaga Cafe

Waterhorse Ridge

The Garden Wild

Willow Designs

Beach House Candles

Live A Lot Food

My Comfort Zone

Viki Kemp

Edgeworks Sharpening Services

Franco’s One World Sausages

Green Grocer

Penang Kitchen



Do you envy people whose Christmas gifts are beautifully wrapped?   Yours are in the bag from the store with a little tissue paper…  This Saturday get someone else to  wrap up your holiday gifts — for a good cause.   The Sonoma County YMCA will be wrapping gifts to support their Christmas giving programs.

You can wrap up your shopping at the market too.    You cannot go wrong with a gift of a great ingredient.     A gift that will be remembered long after the holidays are over — give the gift that will always be a perfect fit — market gift certificates.   Your friends will thank you for introducing them to the Santa Rosa Farmers Market.

Franco makes cotechino sausage for the holidays.  His brother Dennis calls it the “King of sausages” It is in the market now.

The Chestnut guys will be back this week with chanterelles as well as chestnuts.    Sometimes they have “lazy persons” chestnuts already peeled.  You can freeze them.   K &K are back — some say the best walnuts around.  Black Sheep meat is back – heritage beef and pork.  And if you haven’t stopped by Branch and Brine – you are in for a treat – olives cured on the branch perfect for the martini drinker on your list.   Bumble Bee has fresh crab – ready to eat!



Meats, Fish, and Eggs:

Salmon Creek Ranch

Carson’s Catch

Bumble Bee

Franco’s One World Sausage Co.

Williams Ranch

The Black Sheep Ranch

Owen Family Ranch

Pepper Ranch



Weirauch Ranch

Two Rock Goat Cheese


Veggies, Fruits & Nuts:

Work Horse Farm

Branch & Brine

Laguna Farms

Sonoma Coast Organic Produce

Offerings of the Land

Hectors Honey

First Light Farm

Singing Frogs Farm

Foggy River Farm

Orchard Farms

Bohemian Well Being Farm

Armstrong Valley Farm

K&K Farms

Bernier Farm

Twin Peaks Orchard

Min-Hee Hill Farm

New Family Farm

EGB Farms

Beet Generation

Walkers Apples

Ma & Pa’s  Garden


Seedlings and Nursery Items:

Natures Spirit Garden

Daffodils, Dahlias and Lilies Oh My


Baked Goods:

Costeaux Bakery

Dominique’s Sweets

Raymond’s Bakery

Cosmic Cookie Jar

Mama Baretta

Full Circle Baking Company


Canned, Packaged, and Bottled Edibles:

Water Horse Farm

Not Yer Mamas Granola

Alive & Healing

Bruno’s Red WineVinegar

St Rose Winery

Stonehouse Olive Oil

Hue De Laroque Farm

Gandolf’s Fine Chocolates

Mi Fiesta

East West Gourmet Foods


Prepared Foods:

Lata’s Indian Cuisine

Green Grocer

Penang Kitchen

Run Around Brew

GaGa Café


Gift and Craft Items:

Willow – Jewelry, scarves, aprons

Vicki Kemp – clothing and knitwear

Royal Hare – yarn and knit wear

Gary Chappell – jewelry

Hilltop Honey – soaps & lotions

Almas Oilcloths and Churcherias

Aroma Floral – wreaths

By the Elvin Moon – carved wooden bowls

Earth Temple – stones and fossils

Threads of Time – clothing

Sonoma Woodworks – wine barrel garden furniture

California Coops – chicken coops

Varda Rose – knit hats

Hydrosouls – lotions and essential oils for people and pets

Sonoma Garden Designs – wooden furniture

Edgeworks Sharpening Services


Special Guest:

Sonoma County Family YMCA – Gift Wrapping services