November 16th vendors list

Thankgiving is two Wednesday markets and one Saturday market away.
There is a market the Wednesday before Thanksgiving. All of our markets are amazing.
If you haven’t tried the Wednesday market, come on by – a fabulous selection of local produce in fact you won’t find a better choice anywhere. The market will be open the day before Thanksgiving.
Produce includes Hector’s Honey, Min-Hee Hill Gardens, Scheletewiz Family Farm, Bohemian Well Being Farm, The Patch, Tierra Vegetables, Ridgeview and Humble Roots.
It’s fall now and the Wednesday market has new crop, freshly dug potatoes – all sizes and types, onions, garlic, winter squash, lots of varieties of winter greens, lovely mix salad greens, micro-greens and sprouts, persimmons and grapes and until the first frost beautiful zinnias in fall colors.
The Wednesday market has lots of things to make your life easier at Thanksgiving or any day of the week. Physis Foods is like your own pantry – check out their soup stocks – gravy made delicious and easy. Full Circle Bakery has wonderful breads including a fabulous focaccia and dinner rolls.
Think outside the box for Thanksgiving. One family solved its diverse dietary needs and desires by having the traditional side dishes but going to the coast for a BBQ and everyone brings what they want to grill. It solves a myriad of Thanksgiving dilemmas

Wednesday November 16th vendor List
Armstrong Valley Farm is back – wonderful fresh produce and eggs!
Armstrong Valley Farm
Bohemian Well Being
Humble Roots
Min Hee Hill Gardens
Straus Family Dairy
The Patch
Tierra Farms
Anna’s Seafood
Berkman’s spice
CA Cookie Co
Franco On e World
Full Circle Bakery
Golden Gate Pickles
Four Directions
Queen Bee
The Hummus Guy
Wardwood Creative Art
Eyrie Olive Oil
Sinful Fusion – wonderful new pita pocket breakfast sandwich
Santa Rosa Original Certified Farmers Market
Wednesday and Saturday 8:30 – 1pm
Luther Burbank Center for the Arts
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This is a good time to think ahead to winter and spring.
My Wild Iris Rows is having a sale. Daffodils, Dahlias, Lilies Oh My is the place to order bulk bulbs for fall planting. Savita will help you to pick the perfect daffodil that will naturailze. Nature’s Spirit has hardy greens for your fall and winter vegetable garden. Angie from Nut n Other and EGB both have unpastuerized almonds from this year’s crop. Karlonas Farms features quail — easy, fast and so good.

Lots of tomatoes great case prices! All the tomatoes from the Heirloom tasting are available at the market. The easiest way to save some tomatoes for the dark days of winter is put a bunch on a cookie sheet and freeze them. Once frozen just put them in a freezer and take them out as you want them. As they thaw, the skin slips off.

The largest number of Sonoma farmers in any place — this week’s Saturday market:

Armstrong Valley Farm

Beet Generation Farm

Bella Ridge Farm

Bellwether Farms

Bernier Farms

Bohemian Wellbeing Farm

Brunos Vinegar

Canvas Ranch

Dafodils, Dahlias, Lilies Oh My

EGB Farms

First Light Farm

Foggy River Farm

Hectors Honey

Karlonas Farms

Kays Bo Kays

Laguna Farm

Leap Frog Greens

Ma & Pas Garden

Min-Hee Hill Gardens

My Wild iris Rows

Natures Spirit Garden

Neve Roses ll

New Family Farm

Nut-N-Other Farms

Offerings of the Land

Orchard Farms

Owen Family Farm

Oz Family Farm

Pepper Ranch

Ridgeview Farm

Salmon Creek Ranch

Sebastopol Berry Farm

Singing Frogs Farm

The Black Sheep Farm

The Patch

Tusque Farms

Twin Palms Farm

Twin Peaks Orchard

Two Rock Valley Cheese

Walkers Apples

Weirauch Farm & Creamery

Williams Ranch

Williamson Farm


Prepared Foods

Chef Henderson Catering

Green Grocer

Guerilla Foods

Lata’s Indian Cuisine

Penang Kitchen

Starting from Scratch


Aroma Floral Designs

by the Elvin Moon

California Coops

Carol’s Creations

Costeaux French Bakery

Crumb Hither Bakery

Damselfly Designs

Dominique’s Sweets

East West Gourmet

Edgeworks Sharpening Services

Franco’s One World Sausage

Full Circle Bakery

Gaga Café

Gandolf’s Fine Chocolates

Gifted Touch Bodywork

Grizzly Bear Sweets

Hilltop Honey

Home Maid Ravioli

Leon Day Condiments

Local Spicery

Mama Baretta

Not yer Mommas Granola



Pure Puer Tea

Raymond’s Bakery

Royale Hare

Run Around Brew

Sia Baskets

Sonoma Garden Design

Sonoma Woodworks

Stonehouse Olive Oil

The Beet Generation Juice

Threads of Time

Vicki Kemp

Waterhorse Ridge

Willow Designs


Yam Cake Guerilla Food

Yam Cake Guerilla Food

“Hi there! I showed up this morning around 8:45, I purchased a yam cake….it blew my mind!! It was perfectly light, moist, just a hint of spices. You made my day, thank you sooo much! I will definitely be back next Saturday.
Thank you for lovingly making nutritious amazing food.”



The amazing Wednesday market is the perfect pop-up market and food court.   The very best of Sonoma grown from  local farmers,  ranchers, chefs and craftspeople.     Hector has asparagus , Tom Noble Armstrong Valley Farm has carrots, Min-Hee Gardens has wonderful big bunches of garlic chives and everyone has lettuce some tiny baby lettuce and some big beautiful heads.  The very best salads start here.

Bohemian Well Being Farm has the best selection of foraged and locally cultivated mushrooms.  Mr. Kim is a wealth of information about using mushrooms both fresh and dried.

Our Wednesday food court offers something for everyone.  And they all have dishes that are perfect for later.  Eat with us in our beautiful location or take it to go.


Hectors Honey

Bohemian Well Being Farm

Armstrong Valley Farm

Min-Hee Hill Gardens

Willow Designs

Full Circle Bakery

Gaga Cafe

The Garden Wild

Water Horse Ridge

Mi Fiesta Catering

Comfort Zone

Dreamcatcher Ranch

Salmon Creek Ranch

Green Grocer

Penang’s Kitchen



Contact information for vendors



Not only is Mi Fiesta back this week, but also Ridgeview Farm.  Spring IS here.  Ridgeview welcomes Spring with beautiful radishes, lettuces and maybe some bouquets.

The knife sharpener will be here too.  Get your gardening tools shapened up!

If the warm weather has made you a little bit overly ambitious  check out the Comfort Zone for their pillow packs and massage balls.


Wednesday vendor list:

Hectors Honey

Min-Hee Hill Gardens

Armstrong Valley Farm

Bohemian Wellbeing Farm

Willow Designs

Full Circle Bakery

Comfort Zone

The Garden Wild

Water Horse Ridge

Green Grocer

Penang Kitchen

Mi Fiesta Catering

The Dreamcatcher Ranch

GaGa Café

Salmon Creek Ranch

Ridgeview Farm

Edgeworks Knife and tool sharpening








Last week was wonderful!


What a great week.   On Wednesday the Redwood Credit Union practiced random acts of kindness at the market by paying for people’s groceries.

2013-03-003 2013-03-02 11.14.25

The Saturday market was jumping, Chef Jennifer Una was back with her popular demonstration of dishes –ingredients are straight from the market.

2013-03-02 11.13.32 2013-03-02 11.13.45

The Buena Vida Nursery is here just in time for your spring garden.

2013-03-02 11.13.01

Aroma Floral is back — just what you need to brighten up any corner of your house and what a wonderful gift any of her designs would make.

2013-03-02 11.12.33

The Rosetown Ramblers had the market swinging!






This weekend the market is Sunday January 20th instead of Saturday.   If you are hosting a 49’er party – you can pick up wonderful no hassle game day party food.   If you could care less about football, the market is located at the gateway to wine country – kick-off a tour with a great farm market breakfast.

EGB has wonderful fresh fruit but be sure and sample the flavored almonds — tequila lime is great.

A new and very popular item is the ice box pie from The Green Grocer.   Bring this pie to a game day party and you will be invited back every time.

Penang Kitchen specializing in Malaysian Street Food is worth a try.  They are introducing new things all the time.  Last week they introduced a variety of  satays  and they are all good.  The sauce is spicy and full of flavor.

Mi Fiesta can be a one-stop for all your party needs– chips, salsas, rice, beans, enchiladas, tamales — pretty much everything but the beer.

Our farmers, ranchers,chefs and artisans are ready to serve you.  They welcome special orders.  You can find their contact information here. 











The market will relocate  to the South Parking Lot of Luther Burbank Center for the Arts as of January 12th.

A lot of people want to ‘eat local’  but find it difficult especially in the winter months.    Sonoma County offers year-round good eating.

Our farmers are the Picasso’s of produce.    Piles of colorful carrots, beets, cabbages; citrus, persimmons , hearty greens are common themes – it’s when you take a closer look the farmer’s individuality comes out.

Mache (a cold hardy lettuce,) stinging nettles, celery root, Jerusalem artichokes, fresh cascabel peppers, the first leeks, fennel bulbs, tiny brussel sprouts, the first tender shoots of rhubarb and Bearss limes are all to be found at this Saturday market, all grown in Sonoma County.  Most of our farmers are within 10 miles of  Luther Burbank Center for the Arts.



(Poster from Pratt School of Design)

The Sonoma County high  school students refurbish bicycles and sell them.  This Wednesday you can buy one at the Wednesday market.  Get a great bike for between $30 and $50.      Plenty of room to test drive.

The Wednesday market is a great place for holiday shopping.    This weekly pop-up plaza brings the best of Sonoma County for mid-week shoppers.     There are wonderful hand-crafted scarves, shirts, napkins, jewelry.  For the chefs and enthusiastic eaters on your list – great choices abound.

For on the spot eating, great farm market breakfasts from the Green Grocer or from Mi Fiesta a tamale treat.   Gaga Cafe is pouring wonderful coffees and the beans make a great gift.   Full Circle Bakery and Good Gal Bakery have the perfect pastry for everyone from bear-claws to scones.

Only two more markets until Christmas but our vendors invite special orders, please check the vendors list for contact information.










No oyster is the same at any one time of year. How it tastes – how fat, how briny, how big or small – depends on its own reproductive cycle, and on the cycles of the climate.

Cold weather is good for oysters!

The holiday season arrives and so do the oysters! For many oysters are a holiday tradition – they may take many different forms: oyster stew, raw oysters, oyster shots.

Bumblebee Seafood has local oysters and crab.  They also have salmon and cod.  If you are looking for something special — just ask.   Saturday market.