Starting at 9:30 AM,  Sonoma County Council on Aging will distribute $20 coupon books to eligible low income seniors.   The coupons are good at many farmers markets through-out the county.

Wednesday is always senior buck day at the market.

Gaga Cafe is at the Wednesday market selling  coffee beans.  Ask Gary about the best way to make iced coffee.   And he is always happy to share the secret of his great tasting coffee.

Wednesday is a less hectic market and it’s an opportunity to talk to the farmers and ranchers about their products.   If being sure the meat and poultry you eat is meat and poultry not chock full of antibiotics , questionable fillers and  fed full  things you aren’t interested in consuming.  Learn from the ranchers about how they raise their animals.

Joselyn at Salmon Creek Ranch can give you the low-down on ducks.  Did you know ducks eggs are not like chicken eggs.   Salmon Creek also has beef and goat.   Chez Panisse buys from Salmon Creek.

The Dreamcatcher Ranch is another Wednesday regular; a small family farm raising both traditional and “heritage” livestock.    They  do not give their animals hormones or unnecessary medication.   Right now they are featuring lamb.  Ask about their CSA program  -it’s a good deal.

The Wednesday market is just as diverse as Saturday just a little easier to maneuver.