Summer Spring Winter Fall – right now it’s all seasons at the market

Ariel from Tusque Farms    “In my opinion, October is the most magical month in Sonoma County.  Warm days, cool nights, golden light, and a huge diversity of produce to be found at the farmers’ markets.  Farms are harvesting the last of their Summer crops and the first of their Fall crops, making your wildest seasonal culinary dream a near certain possibility.  There’s no other month when you can get tomatoes, peppers, melons, chestnuts, and pumpkins alike, all grown in the same county”   Greens of all kinds from luscious lettuce to hardy winter greens, cauliflowers, broccoli.

At the market Saturday  October 12

Music: Dave Hamilton

Armstrong Valley Farm

Bernier Farms

Bohemian Wellbeing Farm

Canvas Ranch

First Light Farm

Foggy River Farm

Hectors Honey

Laguna Farm

Leap Frog Greens

Ma & Pa’s Garden

Min-Hee Hills Garden

New Family Farm

Offerings of the Land

Orchard Farms

Singing Frogs Farm

Sonoma Coast Organics  Chestnuts, quince and chanterelles

The Beet Generation

The Patch

Tusque Farms


Meats & Fish:
Franco’s One World Sausage

Freshway Fish

Karlonas Farms

Owen Family Farm

Oz Family Farm

Pepper Ranch

Salmon Creek Ranch

The Black Sheep Farm

Williams Ranch

Bella Ridge Farm

EGB Farm  unpastuerized bulk items, pomegranates

Sebastopol Berry Farm

Twin Peaks Orchards

Walkers Apples

Williamson Farm

Dairy & Eggs:
Armstrong Valley Farm

Bellwether Farms

Hectors Honey

McClelland’s Dairy

Pepper Ranch

Salmon Creek Ranch

Two Rock Valley Cheese

Weirauch Farm & Creamery


Baked Goods:
Costeaux French Bakery

Crumb Hither Bakery

Dominique’s Sweets

Full Circle Bakery

Mama Barretta

Raymond’s Bakery

Gaga Café


Run Around Brew

Pure Puer Tea

Sweet Treats:
Crumb Hither Bakery

Dominique’s Sweets

Gandolf’s Fine Chocolates

Grizzly Bear Sweets

Mama Barretta


Specialty Items:

Bruno’s Italian Red Wine Vinegar
East West Gourmet

Home Maid Ravioli

Hue de Laroque

Leon Day Condiments

Local Spicery

Not yer Mommas Granola

Stonehouse Olive Oil

The Philosophers Stoneground

Waterhorse Ridge

Prepared Foods:
Chef Henderson Catering

Green Grocer

Guerilla Foods

Lata’s Indian Cuisine

Starting from Scratch

Plants & Fresh Flowers:
Daffodils, Dahlias, Lilies Oh My!

My Wild Iris Rows

Neve Roses II


Created by Vanae

Royal Hare

Silk Winds

Threads of Time

Victoria Kemp

Wood Crafters:
by the Elvin Moon

California Coops

Sonoma Garden Designs

Sonoma Woodworks

Home Decor:
Aroma Floral Designs

by the Elvin Moon

Sia Baskets

Pampering Items:
Hilltop Honey

My Comfort Zone

Willow Designs

Earth Temple

Edgeworks Sharpening Services