Squash Blossoms

Santa Rosa Farmers Market Vendors with squash blossoms.
Bernier Farm, Cresent Moon and Ortiz Bros. all had beautiful squash blossoms.

“Squash blossoms are edible raw or they can be incorporated into a variety of recipes. But once you’ve clipped them out of your garden or brought them back from the farmers market, don’t tarry long. “Be warned,” writes Kate Heyhoe, of Kate’s Global Kitchen. “Squash blossoms live about as long as mayflies—at worst a few hours, at best a few days, and only in ideal conditions.” Heyhoe has stored them successfully for as long as two days, “but not without rinsing them, letting them air dry on the kitchen counter, then wrapping them in paper towels, carefully nesting them in a sealed plastic storage container, and refrigerating them in the crisper at a precise controlled 34 degrees.” This site has five recipes.

From Chez Panisse