Spring Hill Jersey Organic Cheese and Butter

Springhill Jersey Organic Cheese and Butter

Saturday Market Year Round

Spring Hill is Growing
The facility, known by locals as “The Creamery” or “The Co-op,” has been a Petaluma institution for 91 years and now Spring Hill Jersey Cheese will continue that heritage. It’s an honor to be a part of Petaluma’s rich agricultural heritage which has been a source of pride and identity for generations of local residents and dairy men.

We will continue to make our hand-crafted gourmet
cheeses at our new Western avenue facility, as well as
cheese made from our own Jersey cows on Spring Hill Road west of town. We will be adding new cheese varieties to our line up.

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What is Estate Cheese
Estate produced cheese is a term used for cheese that is manufactured from a single location. The cows eat the lush green grass. Their milk is then used to make cheese right there in the cheese making room. The cheese is then aged, cut and packaged for distribution, all on the same dairy.

Located in Sonoma County California, a herd of 400 Jersey cows provides the milk for Spring Hill Jersey Cheese’s growing line of farmstead cheeses. Smaller that Holsteins, (the archetypal black- and white- cow), which produce a greater quantity yield, the milk of Jersey cows contains a higher butter fat, resulting in an incomparable rich, creamy flavor. Because of its low quantity yield, the Jersey is no longer common in most commercial dairy operations. Larry Peter began his dairy in 1987, and started producing Spring Hill Jersey Cheese in 1998. The homestead, artisan cheese produced by Spring Hill is made entirely from the milk of pasture-grazed Jersey cows. The difference in taste is staggering

Springhill makes an amazing sour cream as well.

The weekly market stand offers an opportunity to taste before you buy.
The aged cheddars are big sellers.

Special rrders for cheese trays are welcome.