Slide Ranch Internships

Teacher-in-Residence Internship Position (10.5 months)

Slide Ranch teaches visitors the impact our choices have on food, health, and the environment, through hands-on activities and independent exploration of our farm and coastal wild lands. Located on the Pacific Coast a thirty-minute drive north of San Francisco, Slide Ranch is situated in the Golden Gate National Recreation Area. Close to the urban Bay Area yet surrounded by wildlands, Slide Ranch is a beautiful isolated homestead perched on the rugged coastal edge of the continent.

Program participants learn to care for farm animals and gardens, explore miles of wildland trails, discover ocean tide pools, and sometimes camp overnight. Our Teachers-in-Residence customize each program to meet the learning needs of groups of all ages, ethnicities, and cultures, focusing particularly on elementary school-aged children. Approximately one-third of our programs support under-served populations.

This is a residential “live-on-the-ranch” position – housing and food provided plus monthly stipend. read more