September 8th: Honor The Gravenstein at the market!

Honor the Gravenstein and get a chance to taste the gravenstein as well.    This popular event is back again.   Slow Food Russian River is our partner is this always fun event but it does have a serious side.

From 2009   “In the United States today, the only freshly picked apple available in early August is the Gravenstein, according to the local food preservation group Slow Food Russian River. The group maintains that anything else either was kept in cold storage since fall or was shipped from the Southern Hemisphere.

Its leaders maintain the Gravensteins are an important part of the county’s culture and worth saving. Their aim is to increase the sale of fresh apples, which bring farmers far more than for those that go to processing.”

And today. ” Some of the efforts to find and preserve these oldies but goodies are paying off. Lee Walker, 81, whose Walker Ranch is the last of the old apple growers and packing sheds in Sebastopol, said since Slow Food took up the Gravenstein’s cause, demand has way gone up”.(Press Democrat)

Walker Ranch is at the Saturday market.  They grow 37 different kinds of apples and the gravensteins start off the season.    Ridgeview Farm with over 65 different apples sells at the Wednesday market.   Many of the farmers have apples trees and you can find little known varieties you won’t see any place else.

Honoring the apple is always  fun .  Chef John Lyle of Hardcore Farm to Face is is going to make something applicious and there will be special events for children.

Tasting events are free.