Saturday September 27th Vendor List

Joining in our fabulous food court is Simple Cerviche -it is simply devine….fresh and flavorful Mexicn style beach snacks -new menu item jalepeno steak tacos!Saturday September 27th Vendor List
Armstrong Valley Farm
Bellwether Farm
Bernier Farms
Bohemian Wellbeing Farm
Canvas Ranch
Daffodils, Dahlias, Lilies, Oh My!
Farm Sinclair
First Light Farm
Foggy River
Hectors Honey
Karlonas Farm
Laguna Farm
Ma & Pas Garden
Min-Hee Hill Gardens
Natures Spirit Garden
Neve Roses II
New Family Farm
Offerings of the Land
Owen’s Family Farm
Penny RoyalFarm
Pepper Ranch
Russel Vineyards
Salmon Creek Ranch
Schletewitz/Fruit Factory
Sebastopol Berry Farm
Singing Frogs Farm
Straus Family Creamery
The Beet Generation
The Black Sheep Farm
The Patch
Walkers Apples
Williams Ranch
Williamson Farm

Prepared Foods
Green Grocer
Lata’s Indian Cuisine
Penang Kitchen
Simply Ceviche
Starting from Scratch

Crafts and Other Food Products
A Taste of Tea
Aroma Floral Designs
Beach House Candles
CA Coops
Costeaux Bakery
Created by Vanae
Francos One World Sausage
Fresh Girls
Fresh Off the Boat
Full Circle Bakery
Gaga Café
Grizzly Bear Sweets
Hilltop Honey
Home Maid Ravioli
Hue de Laroque
John Rizzi
Leon Day Condiments
Mi Fiesta Catering
Not yer Mommas Granola
One Ocean Seafood
Peter Bailey
Press Democrat
Pure Puer Tea
Quiche & Carry
Raymonds Bakery
Roland’s Bakery
Royale Hare
Run Around Brew
Sonoma Garden Designs
Stonehouse Olive Oil
The Garden Wild
The Hummus Guy
Threads of Time
Waterhorse Ridge
Willow Designs

Photo: Joining in our fabulous food court is Simple Cerviche -it is simply devine....fresh and flavorful Mexicn style beach snacks -new menu item  jalepeno steak tacos!</p>
<p>Saturday September 27th Vendor List<br />
Agricultural<br />
Armstrong Valley Farm<br />
Bellwether Farm<br />
Bernier Farms<br />
Bohemian Wellbeing Farm<br />
Canvas Ranch<br />
Daffodils, Dahlias, Lilies, Oh My!<br />
Farm Sinclair<br />
First Light Farm<br />
Foggy River<br />
Hectors Honey<br />
Karlonas Farm<br />
Kays-Bo-Kays<br />
Laguna Farm<br />
Ma & Pas Garden<br />
Min-Hee Hill Gardens<br />
Natures Spirit Garden<br />
Neve Roses II<br />
New Family Farm<br />
Offerings of the Land<br />
Owen's Family Farm<br />
Penny RoyalFarm<br />
Pepper Ranch<br />
Ponce/EGB<br />
Russel Vineyards<br />
Salmon Creek Ranch<br />
Schletewitz/Fruit Factory<br />
Sebastopol Berry Farm<br />
Singing Frogs Farm<br />
Straus Family Creamery<br />
The Beet Generation<br />
The Black Sheep Farm<br />
The Patch<br />
Walkers Apples<br />
Williams Ranch<br />
Williamson Farm<br />
<p>Prepared Foods<br />
Green Grocer<br />
Lata's Indian Cuisine<br />
Penang Kitchen<br />
Simply Ceviche<br />
Starting from Scratch</p>
<p>Crafts and Other Food Products<br />
A Taste of Tea<br />
Aroma Floral Designs<br />
Beach House Candles<br />
CA Coops<br />
Cacoco<br />
Costeaux Bakery<br />
Created by Vanae<br />
Edgeworks<br />
Francos One World Sausage<br />
Fresh Girls<br />
Fresh Off the Boat<br />
Full Circle Bakery<br />
Gaga Café<br />
Grizzly Bear Sweets<br />
Hilltop Honey<br />
Home Maid Ravioli<br />
Hue de Laroque<br />
John Rizzi<br />
Leon Day Condiments<br />
Mi Fiesta Catering<br />
Not yer Mommas Granola<br />
One Ocean Seafood<br />
Peter Bailey<br />
Press Democrat<br />
Pure Puer Tea<br />
Quiche & Carry<br />
Raymonds Bakery<br />
Roland's Bakery<br />
Royale Hare<br />
Run Around Brew<br />
Sonoma Garden Designs<br />
Stonehouse Olive Oil<br />
The Garden Wild<br />
The Hummus Guy<br />
Threads of Time<br />
Waterhorse Ridge<br />
Willow Designs