Saturday Farmers Market Vendor List 2/9/19

Well it looks another cold wet raining Saturday, but that dose not stop our vendors from coming out the the market all for you.

So Grab those warm Coats and Umbrellas and get to the Market!!!

we have everything that you are looking for …… from fruits and veggies, to dairy, wild mushrooms, Seafood , fresh Sausage, bake goods, Hot Coffee and Tea meat proteins and the list could go on, and the amazing thing about our market everything is grown local, made local just for you. so please take some time and come and see us.

And due to the Weather this list might change.

Armstrong Valley Farm
Bernier Farms
Bohemian Well Being
Farm Sinclair
Gourmet Growers
Gourmet Produce
Half Wild Eggs @ Singing frogs
Hector’s Honey
Jill’s Wild Mushrooms
Premier Mushroom
Preston Farm
Schlewitz Family Farm
Takenoko Farm
Humble Roots
Sporgy Jerky
Straus Family Dairy
Joe Matos
Ponce Farm
Heron Almonds
Salmon Creek

The Green Grocer
Ely’s Kitchen
Min-Hee Hill Korean Kitchen

Anna’s Seafood
Ca Cookies
Costaux Bakery
Dominique Sweets
Eagle Distributing
Eyrie Olive Oil
Franco One World Sausage
Full Circle Bakery
Hiroko Ceramics
Home Maid Ravioli
Jungle Maiden
Kelly Coffey
Mi Fiesta
Pure Puer Tea
Raymond’s Bakery
Run Around Brew
Steven’s Smoked Salmon
Sweetwater Farm