Saturday Farmers Market Vendor List 2/2/19

Hey…… Did you know that The Original Santa Rosa Farmer Market dose “Market Match” so that means that if you buy $20.00 worth Market Match Bucks on your EBT card the Farmers Market will match you $20.00 which means that you get to spend $40.00 at the Market, You can’t find that deal at you local grocery store! what a way to maximize your dollars and support local Farmers.

Now for the fun stuff, yes it’s raining so Grab your rain boots, and umbrellas and get down to the market, we have everything that you are looking for Game Day YUP it’s Super Bowl Sunday 2/3/19 so no matter what team you are rooting The Farmers Market has all kinds of local produce, Fruits and Vegetables, amazing Seafood, like Crab, Shrimp, Local Proteins, like Pork, Beef and sausage. Baked Goods, like fresh breads, fresh croissants and other pastries , Almonds, Cheese , Honey and wonderful hand crafted items. Jewelry, soaps and lotions, spices, woodcrafts and other hand made items and last of all … you can even get your knives and other blades sharpened, and while you are waiting you can get a hot cup of tea or coffee and can even get some breakfast or lunch.

I bet you didn’t even know that there was that much stuff going on at the market. So come on down and make it a great weekend .

Armstrong Valley Farm
Bernier Farms
Bohemian Well Being
Farm Sinclair
Gourmet Growers
Gourmet Produce
Half Wild Eggs @ Singing frogs
Hector’s Honey
Heron Almonds
Joe Matos
John Ford
Neve Farm
Premier Mushroom
Preston Farm
Salmon Creeek
Schlewitz Family Farm
Singing Frogs
Takenoko Farm
Two Rock Goat Cheese

The Green Grocer
Ely’s Kitchen
Min-Hee Hill Korean Kitchen

Anna’s Seafood
Ca Cookies
Costaux Bakery

Dominique’s Sweets
Franco One World Sausage
Full Circle Bakery
GaGa Café
Hiroko Ceramics
Kelly Coffey
Mary Jane Salberg
Pure Puer Tea
Raymond’s Bakery
Scott Wilson
Sweetwater Farm
Wardwork Create Art