Saturday Farmers Market Vendor, Dec 1st 2018

Happy Saturday to you all

We are going to start off with John Ford Ranch will not be at the Market today and plans on returning to the market on Dec 15th. Scott Wilson Plans on being at the Market today with all of his beautiful ceramics, todays kiln includes, New Square Vase’s, nesting heart shaped bowls, sponge holders, handprint cups, ramen bowels, Starfish, Octopus and lots more. Anello Seafood will be here with her amazing Clam Chowder, so make sure you stop by and see her before its gone. Sativa will be here with her gorgeous Daffodils, Dahlias & Lillies Oh My. Wardwood Creative Art will be here with her jewelry. Remember there is only 24 shoppings days left till Christmas so please come and shop the Market for some Wonderful gift giving finds.

So Rain or Shine the Market is open, so grab your boots and umbrellas and come to the Market.

Armstrong Valley Farms

Bernier Farms

Bohemian Well Being

Dean Family Farms

Eyrie Olive Oil

Farm Sinclair

Gourmet Produce

Half Wild Eggs @ Sining Frogs

Hector’s Honey

Heron Almonds

Humble Roots

Joe Matos

Min-Hee Hill Gardens

Nature’s Spirit

Neve Farms

Ponce Farms

Salmon Creek

Schlewitz Family Farms

Sining Frogs

Staus Family Farms

The Beet Generation

The Patch Walker Apples

Ely’s Kitchen

The Green Grocer

Annelo Seafood

Anna’s Seafood

Aroma Floral

Berkman’s Spices

Costaux Bakery

Dominique Sweets

Edge Worker

Extrodinary Blend’s

Franco One World Sausage

Full Circle Bakery

GaGa Cafè

John Rizzi

Kelly Coffey

Leon Day

Pure Puer Tea

Queen Bee Bakery

Raymonds Bakery

Sandra’s Crafts

Scott Wilson

Sonoma Wood Crafts

Steven’s Smoked Salmon

Sweet Water

Vanda’s Design

Wardwood Creative Garden Art