Saturday Farmers Market 12/22/19

So There’s only 2 ….yep that’s right only 2 shopping days left till Christmas, can you believe it.

Well ya know that the Santa Rosa Farmers Market has everything that you are looking for, for all your Holiday needs. There’s great gift ideas from local craft people ,  like The  Garden Wild , Aroma Floral, and Wine Country Art. Wonderful produce from our local farmers,  Armstrong Valley Farm, Min-Hee Hill Farms and Hector’s Honey. and for your proteins  there’s Salmon Creek and they will have pasteurized Organically raised Duck and 100% grass feed beef, and new to the market Takenoko Farms for you Pork lovers. SO please come and join us at the market and see all that we have to offer.

Remember the market is open year round EXPECT for the day after Christmas Wednesday 12/26/18 and the day after New Years Wednesday 1/2/19

Armstrong Valley Farms

Bernier arms

Farm Sinclair

Gourmet Produce

Half Wild Eggs@ Singing Frogs

Hector’s Honey

Heron Almonds

Humble Roots

Joe Matos

John Ford

Min-Hee Hill Farms

Nature’a Spirit

Neve Farm

Ponce Farm

Preston Farm

Salmon Creek

Schlewitz Family Farm

Singing Frogs

Staus Family Dairy

Takenoko Farms

The Green Grocer

Anna’s Sea Food

Aroma Floral

Berkman’s Spices

Bulb Bliss

Ca Cookies

Calamander Crafts

Costaux Bakery

Dean Farms

DH Woodworker

Dominique Sweets


Extrondinary Blends

Eyrie Olive Oil

Franco One World Sausages

Full Circle Bakery

GaGa Café

Hiroko Ceramics

Homemade Ravioll

Leon Day

Mary Jane Salberg

Pure Puer Tea

Raymond’s Bakery

Sandra’s Crafts

Sia Baskets

Sporgy Mushroom

Steven’s Smoked Salmon

The Beet Generation

The Garden Wild

Wine Country Art