Saturday Farmer Market Vendors List 12/8

So my Elves told me that there are only 17 days left till Christmas, which means if you haven’t ordered your Holiday Goose from Salmon Creek , well lets just say you might be cutting it close, The Goose have been raised on native grasses and locally milled organic mixture of grains. They will be on sale for $7.99 lb and each weighs 7-9 lbs, and those of you who prefer beef , you can’t go wrong this beef has been is Dry aged and is 100% grass fed. They will have there roasts on sale also for $8.50 lb, don’t forget there Duck Eggs and 1 ingredient dog treats.

Other Vendors that will be there, Neve Farms will be at the Market with there beautiful flowers, The Beet generation will be there with there amazing pastas and Pasta gift sets for the Foodie in your life.  Joe Matos will be there offering his cheese. And there will be plenty of vendors with there crafts that will make a beautiful gift under anyones tree!!

So Please put that warm jacket on and get the kids, we will have Christmas crafting for them to enjoy.

Come out and enjoy the Sunshine at the Market today

Armstrong Valley Farms

Bernier Farms

Dean Family Farms

Eyrie Olive Oil

Gourmet Produce

Half Wild Eggs@ Singing Frogs

Hector’s Honey

Heron Almonds

Humble Roots

Joe Matos

Min-Hee Hill Farms

Neve Farms

Ponce Farms

Preston Farms

Salmon Creek

Schlewitz Farms

Sining Frogs

Staus Family Dairy

Takenoko Farms

The Beet Generation

The Patch

Walker Apples

Ely’s Kitchen

The Green Grocer

Anello Seafood

Anna’s Seafood

Aroma Floral

Berkman’s Spices

Ca Cookie

Costaux Bakery

Daffodiles, Dahalias, Lillies Oh My (Bulb Bliss)

Dominque Sweets

Edge Worker

Franco One World Sausage

Full Circle Bakery

GaGa Cafe

Hiroko Ceramic’s

HomeMade Raviolli

John Rizzi

Kelly Coffey

Leon Day

Pure Puer Tea

Raymond’s Bakery

Run Around Brew

Sandra’s Crafts’s

Sonoma WoodWorker

Steven’s Smoked Salmon

Sweet Water

Vands’s World

Wardwood Creative Art

Wine Country Garden Art