Saturday August 20th Celebrate the Gravenstein Apple

If you missed the Gravenstein Apple Fair last weekend, come to the market this Saturday.

This annual event at the market is always lots of fun. There is games for kids and tasting for adults. The gravenstein is grown a just a few spots around the country and Sonoma County is one of them.

The Fruit Guy, David Karp writes about the problems and value of the gravenstein. He features Walker Ranch and other Sonoma County apple growers and processors.

By David Karp Special to the Los Angeles Times

Reporting from Sebastopol, Calif.—

With thick, hollow trunks and lichen-draped limbs propped up on crutches, the century-old Gravenstein trees at Walker Apples look less like a working orchard than an arboreal infirmary, or the rear guard of a retreating army. The 20 square miles of Gravensteins that once covered the local hills are now reduced to one, and the remaining trees also would have succumbed to chain saws were it not for the matchless flavor of their fruits and the determination of a small band of farmers and preservationists.”

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