Santa Rosa Original Farmers Market Change Location 1 Day only Vendor list

Today and today only we will change our location site to The Santa Rosa Alliance Church @ 301 Fulton Rd on the corner of Fulton and Occidental. We will be at our normal location next week.

So please come out and see us you won’t be disappointed at all, because as you all know that the Santa Rose Original Farmers Market has everything that you are looking for and probably more then what you expected. So Please bundle up, grab you Umbrella, rain boots and come and see us.

Bohemian Well Being
Eyrie Olive Oil
Gourmet Produce
Half Wild Eggs @ Singing frogs
Hector’s Honey
Heron Almonds
Joe Matos
Ponce Farms
Salmon Creek
Schlewitz Family Farm
Singing Frogs
Straus Family Dairy

The Green Grocer
Min-Hee Korean Cuisine

Anna’s Seafood
Berkman’s Spices
Costaux Bakery
Franco One World Sausage
Hiroko Ceramics
Jungle Maiden
Kelly Coffey
Mary Jane Salberg
Pure Puer Tea
Sandra’s Crafts
Sia Baskets
Sporgy Mushroom
Sweetwater Farm
The Press Democrate
Vanda’s Delight
Wardwork Create Art