Redwood Empire Farm — Still summer!

Hi Farm Friends-

They may be calling for the first significant storm of the season this week, but Summer’s just hitting its peak on our Farm. Well, I say we revolt against the change in weather by continuing to eat like it’s Summer. After all, this last little heat spell finally brought our flush of delicious, luscious heirloom tomatoes, sweet peppers, watermelons, and Ambrosia cantaloupes and they are sweeter than they’ve been all season long. Now is definitely the time to enjoy them before they’re gone again until next year.

This is also the time to can, preserve, and freeze in preparation for the off-season. There’s really no better time to get industrious in the kitchen than when it’s dreary outside. Need tomatoes in bulk for sauce, salsa, soup, or juice? We have you covered! We have loads of super ripe and sweet squishy tomatoes for only $1.50/pound or $25 for a 30 pound box.

Here’s what we’ll have at tomorrow’s Santa Rosa Farmers’ Market:

-Heirloom Tomatoes –> Only $2.50 a pound!

-Dry Farmed Early Girls and Beefsteaks

-San Marzano Tomatoes

-Sungold Cherry Tomatoes

-Squishy Tomatoes (heirlooms and dry farmed reds) perfect for canning!

-Red, Orange, and Yellow Bell Peppers

-Red and Yellow long, sweet, roasting peppers

-Jimmy Nardello Italian Frying Peppers

-Watermelons: Sunshine Yellow and Sugar Baby

-Ambrosia Cantaloupes

-Cucumbers: Armenian, Tasty Jade, and Diva



Hope to see you at the Market!


Ariel Russell
Redwood Empire Farm