Redwood Empire Farm – for Sat July 23

This week from Redwood Empire Farm

It’s probably the moment you’ve been awaiting for weeks, maybe months. I am delighted to proclaim that our tomatoes are finally starting to ripen! We don’t have lots yet, but if you make it to the Santa Rosa Farmers’ Market early enough, you might be able to get some of our oh so delicious and satisfying Early Girls and Big Beef Beefsteaks.

Almost as exciting as the tomatoes is our bounty of sweet, crunchy cucumbers. We are growing Armenians, Tasty Jades (long Japanese), and Divas (a superb salad/slicer), each of these is awesome tasting and perfectly suited for any cucumber need (gazpacho, tzatziki, raita, cucumber salad, sandwiches, smoothies, juices…whatever!).

Of course, we’ll also have summer squash and zucchini at the Market. Pair with tomatoes and basil and you have a tasty and healthy take on ratatouille. Hankering for a massive pesto making session? We’ve got you covered! We have plenty of basil for any project (hint: if you need basil in bulk, ask us and we’ll do our best to give you a deal). We’re also harvesting full sized red torpedo onions, Black Mission Figs, our first ripening Gravenstein apples, rainbow chard, arugula (perfectly zesty, but not too hot!), spring mix (a specially selected mix of heirloom lettuces), and assorted flower bouquets. And I can’t forget to mention the Cleland Ranch eggs that we are selling on behalf of a neighboring family farm. These eggs are dang good! The chickens roam around in a huge open air pen (for their protection, not confinement) and eat loads of fresh greens and veggie scraps, making their eggs super flavorful and rich, with dark orange yolks that stand up tall and whites that don’t evaporate away to nothing when you cook them in a skillet. I’m not typically an egg fanatic, but these eggs have me addicted. Oh well, I suppose there’s far worse things to be attached to than free range eggs.