Raw Fresh Marinara with Zucchini Noodles

August 24, 2015

  • Prep: 25 mins
  • Yields: 4 Servings




26 Medium sized Zucchinis or Summer Squash (the straighter the better!)

3carrots, beets, or radishes will also work.

4*Decide if you want to peel the zucchini or not.If you want a more authentic looking noodle:peel.If you want to add a little more color: don’t peel!

5*You can use a spiralizer, spirooli, mandolin or vegetable peeler to create noodles with your vegetables.

6*If using a vegetable peeler to create noodles, go lengthwise along the zucchini to produce long flat ribbons.Once you reach the seeds turn the zucchini and begin slicing the other side.The seeds will prevent the ribbons from holding together.

7*Make small stacks of the zucchini’s and slice along lengthwise to create your noodles.

8*If using a mandolin, be sure to use the julienne style cut.


101 cup Fresh Tomatoes

111 cup Sundried Tomatoes

12~soaked in 1 cup water

133 Tablespoons Olive oil

141 Red Pepper

15½ cup packed fresh Basil

16½ Teaspoon Salt(to taste)

17½ Tablespoon Lemon Juice(to taste)

18¼ cup Mixed Fresh Herbs(Rosemary,Oregano,Marjoram,Thyme or More Basil)

19½ Teaspoon Red Pepper Flakes(optional)

20For a smooth marinara place all ingredients except fresh herbs in a blender.

21*Blend for 1 to 2 minutes adding the sundried tomato soak water to reach your desired consistency.

22*Taste, add more salt or lemon if needed, then add your fresh herbs and blend briefly to mix the herbs into the sauce.

23*For a chunkier marinara you can use your food processor.

24*Add all ingredients and pulse adding a little sun dried tomato soak water as need to reach your desired consistency.

25Mix with your noodles and ENJOY your fast fabulous fresh creation!!


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