Michele Ann Jordan’s Tomato Cilantro Soup

September 18, 2018


3 tablespoons olive oil

1 medium yellow onion, diced

5 garlic cloves, minced

Kosher salt

Black pepper in a mill

2 cups chicken stock or vegetable stock

3 to 4 pounds ripe red tomatoes, peeled, seeded, and minced

1 tablespoon Madeira

1 bunch cilantro, rinsed, stems discarded

3 tablespoons crème fraîche


1Put the olive oil into a medium soup pot set over medium-low heat, add the onion, and sauté until very soft, about 15 to 20 minutes. Do not let it brown. Add the garlic and cook 2 minutes more, Season with salt and pepper.

2Add the chicken or vegetable stock and stir in the tomatoes. Increase the heat and when the mixture begins to boil, reduce the heat to low and simmer gently for about 15 minutes.

3Remove the soup from the heat and let cool briefly.

4Use an immersion blender to puree the soup, add the Madeira, and return to low heat for 5 minutes. Taste and correct the seasoning.

5Remove from the heat, stir in the cilantro leaves, and ladle into soup plates.

6Stir the crème fraîche to thin it, drizzle some over each portion, and serve



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