Rain or shine the market will be open

It’s just rain. Just because it’s June…it’s still rain. You’re Northern Californians you have rain gear. Here’s some of what you will miss if you wimp out.
The rain has made this one of the best years for lettuce and greens. The market is full of big juicy heads of lettuce in a wide variety as well as some unusual ‘greens’ in many beautiful colors. Orchard Farm has amaranth leaves that are ruby red.

It’s a great time for garlic — in every stage from scapes to green but fully mature heads.

The Sebastopol Berry Farm is back with the first raspberries.

Rhodes Family Farm and the Peach Farm are at the market with the first California outdoor tomatoes. Some cucumbers and melons as well.

Get the cherries that are in market because the late rains are probably going to ruin the rest of the crop.

The Saturday market is open until 1 pm – a great time for lunch and to try out the newest food vendor Banh Mi: Malaysian Mei