November 16th vendors list

Thankgiving is two Wednesday markets and one Saturday market away.
There is a market the Wednesday before Thanksgiving. All of our markets are amazing.
If you haven’t tried the Wednesday market, come on by – a fabulous selection of local produce in fact you won’t find a better choice anywhere. The market will be open the day before Thanksgiving.
Produce includes Hector’s Honey, Min-Hee Hill Gardens, Scheletewiz Family Farm, Bohemian Well Being Farm, The Patch, Tierra Vegetables, Ridgeview and Humble Roots.
It’s fall now and the Wednesday market has new crop, freshly dug potatoes – all sizes and types, onions, garlic, winter squash, lots of varieties of winter greens, lovely mix salad greens, micro-greens and sprouts, persimmons and grapes and until the first frost beautiful zinnias in fall colors.
The Wednesday market has lots of things to make your life easier at Thanksgiving or any day of the week. Physis Foods is like your own pantry – check out their soup stocks – gravy made delicious and easy. Full Circle Bakery has wonderful breads including a fabulous focaccia and dinner rolls.
Think outside the box for Thanksgiving. One family solved its diverse dietary needs and desires by having the traditional side dishes but going to the coast for a BBQ and everyone brings what they want to grill. It solves a myriad of Thanksgiving dilemmas

Wednesday November 16th vendor List
Armstrong Valley Farm is back – wonderful fresh produce and eggs!
Armstrong Valley Farm
Bohemian Well Being
Humble Roots
Min Hee Hill Gardens
Straus Family Dairy
The Patch
Tierra Farms
Anna’s Seafood
Berkman’s spice
CA Cookie Co
Franco On e World
Full Circle Bakery
Golden Gate Pickles
Four Directions
Queen Bee
The Hummus Guy
Wardwood Creative Art
Eyrie Olive Oil
Sinful Fusion – wonderful new pita pocket breakfast sandwich
Santa Rosa Original Certified Farmers Market
Wednesday and Saturday 8:30 – 1pm
Luther Burbank Center for the Arts
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