News from Salmon Creek Ranch

Before an item even reaches a grocery store shelf, it has gone from field to truck to warehouse to trolley to shelf, handled by scores of people with  unknown health status.

Worried? Come to the Santa Rosa Farmer’s Market tomorrow where food is minimally touched and comes directly from the farmer to your hand. Healthy farmers who are there talking with you in person. It was their hands who picked that carrot or put that steak in the ice chest just for you.

Stock up on our premium Sonoma coastal beef – delicious roasts, ground, steaks, stews, sausage and more. We have most cuts and can provide guidance in how to prepare it. All animals are born and raised on the Sonoma coast, 100% grass-fed and grass finished, dry-aged for 21 days.

We also have some select goat pieces – shoulder, loin roast, breast and ground. And duck eggs.

Ingredients for complete, delicious, balanced meals are available at the market: meats, vegetables, fruits and more. Grown by the farmer and brought directly by the farmer to you. Clean, fresh and here.

For those who would like to venture out to the clean, fresh air of the Sonoma coast, our on-farm store is open with a selection of meat, eggs, goat hides and pet treats.  We also ship nationwide. The weather was gorgeous out here today, sunny, brisk and full of fresh ocean air.

The Santa Rosa Original Certified Farmer’s Market is open from 8:30 to 1 pm at the Luther Burbank Center at River Rd and US 101 in Santa Rosa. If you want to spend minimal time in public, you are welcome to call or email us ahead of time (or text to: 707-775-9604) and we will put together your order and have it waiting for you. You can even pay ahead over the phone to minimize out and about time.

Stay safe,

— Salmon Creek 876-1808