Memorial Day Weekend -get a great start at the Saturday Market

Carson of Carson's Catch- he catches the fish,flash freezes it and brings it to market and then sings about it

Got guests for Memorial Day Weekend?  The best place to take them for a great taste of Sonoma is the Santa Rosa Original Certified Farmers Market.

Start off with a farmers market breakfast – so many wonderful choices.  Mateo Grandos is famous for buying everything for his breakfasts at the market.  This weekend Mateo himself will be cooking.

Rosso Pizza makes a breakfast piadini…local sausage and eggs and potatoes in a thin pizza crust.   Thinking about something later in the weekend you can take home some of Rosso’s pizza dough and handmade mozzerella and dyi.

Jennie’s Oysters from Drakes Bay  BBQ and raw — and so good!  Check out her famous chowder too!

Thinking about all those meals to prepare over the weekend –  we’ve got take out for you.  Mi Fiesta ..the name says it all.  It’s party on a plate.  Chips, salsas, beans, rice, tortillas, enchiladas, tamales, chile rellenos.  It’s worth to stop and see what Mi Fiesta this week.  They have the traditional salsas but they always have something fun and seasonal.

And don’t forget Lata’s Indian Cuisine.  The best Indian food in Northern California.  Lata uses traditional Indian recipes but Sonoma grown produce.  Her curries are always seasonal.

Manager’s Pick stone fruit – cherries and apricots are at the height of their season…It was not a good year for apricots because of weather so anyone who is an apricot lover should get them now.  Early peaches are quite good.   Nectarines are even better.  Usually peaches don’t get really sweet till it gets into June but they are sweet right now.

Dry Creek Peach and EGB have peaches!  They are always happy to give you a taste.

Sonoma County cheese-makers are great and you can take a walking cheese tour at the market.   We welcome Weirauch Farm and Creamery, sheep and cows milk cheeses.   Madame de Fromage – the Sonoma County Cheese Queen has pronounce Weirauch’s cheeses “perfect.”

Italian style goat cheeses are available from Two Rock cheese.  Don has a variety of cheeses – some you would not expect  — it is always worth a stop.  If he has some brie – grab it.  Two Rock Valley Goat Cheese is one of the county’s newest kids on the block, pun intended. This little creamery is so fresh that it doesn’t even have a Web site. “Somebody gave my wife some goats, and I said to her ‘Bonnie, we can’t drink two gallons of milk a day so let’s make cheese,’” says Don DeBernardi, owner and cheesemaker. DeBernardi’s delectable, aged goat cheese is known throughout the county as Two Rock Valley Goat Cheese, but his new labels call it Canaa, after the Swiss town where his relatives taught him cheesemaking. Visits to the Petaluma farm are free, just call DeBernardi (707.762.6182).

Thinking about grilling – we are the best butcher shop in Sonoma County.

But we also have great choices for vegetarians, vegans and seafood lovers.

There are vegetables for everyone — no matter what they like.

Nothing grills better than mushrooms – Check out the great selection at Bohemian Well-Being Town.  Mr. Kim is a great cook and is happy to share some recipes with you.

Foggy River Farm offers a variety of Asian vegetables  including baby bok choy.

Armstrong Valley Farm has some great looking squash perfect for stuffing and grilling.

Carson’s Catch Wild salmon and  wild halibut from Alaska.  Flash frozen right on the boat – the freshest, best tasting fish you will find anywhere.  Good for you and the environment too.

And while you are in the neighborhood check out Old World Winery on River Road.  They do everything old-school, including stomping the grapes.  The wines are delicious.  They are growing small blocks of grapes not grown any place else.