Meet Marley Mae Russell

Congratulations to Ariel and Jeff and welcome Marley Mae.   These are committed farm folks .  They included their current crops with the birth announcement!


Hi Farm Friends-

What a week we’ve had!  Jeff and I are so excited to hail the arrival of our new baby girl, Marley Mae Russell!  She burst into the world last Wednesday and is settling nicely into her role as Farm Princess (no work required!). I can say with certainty that she is the BEST thing we’ve ever grown and we can’t wait for her to meet everyone once she’s big enough to start working the Farmers’ Market with Mom and Dad.

Even though this week has been nuts, the Farm is still moving along and we have a lot of great product for tomorrow’s Santa Rosa Original Farmers’ Market at the Well’s Fargo Center.  This is definitely the week for purple and romanesco cauliflower.  In my opinion, Romanesco Cauliflower is one of the tastiest veggies out there and it’s nearly impossible to find it anywhere other than fresh picked from a local farm.  And purple cauliflower, well, it speaks for itself.  Anything that colorful has to be extra good for you.  Along with the cauliflower, we’ll have more of our fantastic broccoli (heads and sideshoots), fava beans, Italian parsley, and the season’s first atomic Rainbow Chard and Dino Kale.  Hopefully you can make it to the Well’s Fargo Center and say hi to a happy, yet sleep deprived Jeff.

Hope to see you at the Market!


Ariel Russell

Redwood Empire Farm