The market is the go to place for great gifts and great gift ideas!

The market is the go to place for great gifts and great gift ideas!

Saturday December 21 the market is the go to place for the go to gift.

Give someone who doesn’t shop at the farmers market a gift certificate and maybe a couple of carrots too.    For people used to eating grocery store  produce developed for appearance and shelf life rather than taste  — the gift of food with flavor could be life changing.   Gift certificates are available at the information booth.

Got some snackers on your list – put together a healthy snack pack

Not Yer Momma’s Granola

Philosopher’s Stonground – the kale chunks will make a believer out a dorito’s eater

EGB  wonderful flavored almonds  from spicy to sweet


Let’s Have a Tea Party (or you could  coffee)

Cookie Take A Bite has great cookies and great gift packaging

Add a bag of beans from Gaga Cafe or tea from Puer Pure Tea

Step it up with mugs from Architectural Ceramics or some lovely napkins from Thread of Time


Passionate Foodies on your list?

Local Spicery has a big variety of gift items from $5.00 to let’s go crazy and sign a friend up for their Spice Adventure Program    Local Spicery has their own mill.  You won’t find fresher or better quality spices anywhere.

The clever aprons from Threads of Time make any cook look good.

If your foodie is more of an eater –

Waterhorse Ridge uses fruits and vegetables they grown themselves supplemented with produce from the market to make the most wonderful preserves, salsas, vinegars and just the best stuff you can imagine.

Got a carnivore on your list.  If they aren’t eating locally grown meat and poultry they are in for a real treat.   The Saturday market has beef, lamb, pork, rabbit, quail, duck, chicken, sausages, jerky, hot dogs, bacon  and more for that carnivore.   Just a few years back, there were no local ranchers at the farmers market.    Northern California has seen a boom in small ranching and the variety and quality of meat at the market is the result.

Stop by the information booth on Saturday December 21st and we guarantee we will find you the perfect gift for anyone on your list.