Making a secret sauce for the grill? Get a head start..

Meet the flavors of  The Hue de Larque Farm   If you haven’t stopped by this booth you are missing out on  ingredients that will inspire you.   Here is their current list of   flavored balsamic vinegars good on their own but they could be the start of something great.  And if someone else is doing the cooking – it makes a gift that will get you invited back..

The current list of  balsamic vinegars:

White Balsamic w/ Apricot Combining the sweet flavor of ripe summer apricots with this rich, full-bodied balsamic vinegar creates an exceptional taste experience.

White Balsamic Vinegar w/ Peaches  The fresh and sweet taste of ripe peaches blends in a harmonious manner with this world-class balsamic vinegar. The sweet flavors of these two will leave you wanting to use it on everything!

White Balsamic w/ Green Apple – VSOPThe perfect blend of sweet and sour apple blended with our renown 25 Star Balsamic Vinegar of Modena. This is a treat that you won’t soon forget! Perfect as a featured offering during the Spring and Summer months, and even well into the fall!

Chocolate Covered Cherry Balsamic Vinegar  The velvety-smooth flavor of gourmet chocolate meets the sweet and crisp taste of sweet cherries Perfect all year long, this flavor pairing has endless possibilities! Try it drizzled on pancakes or waffles, ice cream, muffins, angel food cake, or even blended with your favorite baked treats!…

White Balsamic w/ Mango  The fabulously fresh mango, fuses this rich, velvety, decadent Italian aged balsamic. An adventure for your palate, sure to provide tasteful rewards. 375ml

Dark Balsamic Vinegar w/ Tangerine   The orange’s sweeter counterpart, the tangerine, makes an incredible addition to our balsamic vinegar line up. The citrus flavors take a secondary approach to it’s sweet and refreshing character.

Dark Balsamic Vinegar w/ Pomegranate  Sweet and refreshing pomegranate flavors add amazing depth and flavor to our high-quality aged balsamic vinegar. A real treat for the senses, with it’s intense, sweet and tart qualities.

Dark Balsamic w/ Fig A fabulous introduction to the world of premium flavored balsamics. The nutty, semi-sweet flavor of fresh fig enhances and deepens this naturally intense balsamic vinegar.

25 Star Aged Dark Balsamic Vinegar – VSOP  Dark as night with a heavenly thick consistency and a sweet, pungent taste that delights all the senses. The true artisan quality product from centuries old recipes. The vinegar is aged in small barrels under the traditional methods with strict controls. It reaches a perfect balance of aroma…