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The San Francisco Chronicle says the French macaroon is the next next cupcake. This is not the coconut version with a shelf life of forever “Macarons (spelled macaroons in English),” the attendant muttered, with Parisian disdain. They were nothing like the macaroons I knew, flourless kiss-shaped coconut cookies that we ate at Passover.’

“Unlike their coconut counterparts, which are drop cookies made with egg whites and sweetened condensed milk, French macaroons are made with almond meal/flour, powdered sugar, egg whites and food coloring, and are methodically piped onto sheet pans before baking. Once out of the oven, two cookies sandwich a buttercream, ganache or jelly filling.”

You do not have to travel to France or even San Francisco just to the Farmers Market for macaroons (and mini-macaroons too)

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