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Beet Generation and Space XXV Chef John Lyle team up for good and a good time!

pictured Chef Lyle and his assistant GiacomoFrom The Press Democrat’s Bite ClubCome to the first in a series of dinners called Chosen Spot. The dinners are designed to celebrateLuther Burbank through taste and place. Using fruits and vegetables developed by Burbank in historically significant spaces around the county, the dinners are six-course meals served up with a side of history.
The first dinner is slated for Sept. 24 at the Crane Melon Barn in Santa Rosa — where the luscious local melons are grown. The dinner will include watermelon and beet salads, a St. George’s cheese fonduta, Trout with bacon and zucchini succotash and basil chicken. Chefs include organizers John Lyle (Space XXV, Lisa Hemenway’s); Les Goodman (John Ash & Co, Dry Creek Kitchen), Aaron Short (Affronit) and Holly Messing (Jack and Tony’s), along with the help of volunteer SRJC Culinary Students. Farms participating in Chosen Spot will be The Victorian Farmstead, Bloomefield Farms and The Beet Generation. Most of the farmers will be in attendance.
Additional dinners will be held on October 15 (a surprise location to be announced) and Saturday, November 12 at The Victorian Farmstead.
Each of the dinners is $55 per person, with 100% of profits going to three local projects: The Tree Restoration Project, The School Education Program at Gold Ridge and The Luther Burbank School Orchard Project.
For more details and reservations check out Chosen Spot on Facebook or email chosenspotsonomacounty@gmail.com.