Let’s Do Lunch at the Wednesday market 3/13

This week the Wednesday market welcomes back Mi Fiesta – wonderful tamales and enchiladas.   Sylvia has something new:  the “grab and go”  — easy to use for lunch or dinner – either cheese or chicken enchiladas with rice and beans.  Easy to reheat!   Pick up a bunch for the gang for lunch for dinner.

Penang Kitchen is now a regular at the Wednesday market featuring Malaysian street food.  Considered by some to be the best street food around.  They are currently serving Malaysian Chicken Rice along with their regular menu (rice noodle dishes vegetarian choice too.)

The Green Grocer menu reflects the amazing diversity of Sonoma County farmers and ranchers.  If you haven’t had his crispy duck tacos with a seasonal sauce, you are missing one of the great tastes!

All three of these vendors sell  the sauces and other ingredients of their great dishes so you can  create at home.   Mi Fiesta has a more then just red and green salsas including many that are seasonal.   Penang Kitchen is selling their peanut sauce and coconut jam and the Green Grocer has wonderful cured pork products to take home.

Wednesday the weather is going to be absolutely fabulous.  Perfect for breakfast or lunch at the market.  Come and shop at our beautiful market (and we aren’t just a pretty face.)   Treat yourself to the great tastes of Sonoma.