June 2nd — Market Manager recommendations

Closing at 11:00 AM for the Face-to-Face Beer Fest Fundraiser

Market manager  recommendations —

“The big news is summer fruit, of course….Apricots, cherries, peaches, nectarines.   Dominique is making apricot pie, cherry pie, peach pie.  I can’t decide which is more amazing.  Pie is my favorite dessert besides ice cream so Dominique is a great love of my life.  She is funny too.   She was trained at the Cordon Blue in Paris and she has Julia Child’s sense of humor.  Maybe you get a Julia sense of humor class at the school?

People should also know that Angie from Nut N Other Farm is at the market this Saturday.  She is almost out of last year’s crop of almonds and walnuts so stocking up on non fumigated almonds from Angie is a good idea.

 New to the market  We have a new jam lady who is also a farmer so much of her fruit is grown by her or she buys it at the market.  She has a good subtle touch – you taste the fruit not the sugar, which I like.  She also has a great variety of savory condiments.    Her name is Patricia and her company is Waterhorse Ridge  Farm, Cazadero.   

Not Yer Momma’s Granola  I have to say that I cannot eat store bought granola.  .I have tried most of them and they are too sweet…I don’t know why commercial granola makers think that sweet is better but they do…Irene, Susan and Whitney are the Momma gals and they know that sweet isn’t necessarily better…They also have a subtle touch – you can taste the granola….People love them….About health…I used to have high cholesterol and a doctor told me to eat oats before anything else in the morning because it eats up the bad cholesterol – that is a very simplified explanation… I also put walnuts in the granola because my youngest daughter told me that this was good for the heart, plus I take red rice yeast so I am not sure which works but something seems to work because my cholesterol is significantly lower than when I started doing these things.   Just some hokey advice from a very non scientific old lady.”

Paula Downing