June 25 Chef’s Shopping Bag

Chef’s Farmer’s Market Specials

This menu was created with items hand selected from today’s visit to the Santa Rosa Farmer’s Market by Nectar’s Executive Chef, Rene Jakushak. It is a tribute to the freshest and highest quality ingredients Sonoma County has to offer.

Roasted Little Neck Clams Persille
Local Little Neck Clams Roasted in a Golden Garlic Fresh Herb Bread Crumb Crust

Pan Seared Jumbo Diver Scallops
Local Diver Scallops with Sweet Potato and “Bohemian Well Being Farms” Shitake Mushroom Hash and “Redwood Hill Farms” Golden Beets with “First Light Farms” Pea Sprout Salad in a Raspberry Vinaigrette

“Schletewitz Family Farms” Peach Tartlet
Served with “Spring Hill Dairy” Vanilla Bean Quark and organic Vanilla Ice Cream

Wine Country Hilton Nectar Restaurant