It’s BLT Time

It’s the second day of summer and thoughts naturally turn to the bacon, lettuce and tomato sandwich. You can pick up the perfect ingredients at the Wednesday market.
Full Circle Bakery has a number of breads that will work including the traditional sour dough. Dreamcatcher Ranch has bacon,bacon,bacon and they also have Canadian bacon for those looking for an upscale BLT experience. And the tomato? Of course in Sonoma County we have the greatest year-round tomato, the Parsons Tomato but if you are looking for that unique summer time taste, The Rhodes Family Farm is at the Wednesday market with a range of tomatoes -early girls and some heirlooms to name a few. If you are into lilyguilding — The Patch is back and they have sweet onions and a nice slice of avocado from DeSantis wouldn’t be wrong either. If you really get into the perfect sandwich make your own mayo with oilve oil from the Olive Press.