It’s a berry berry good time for berries.

Berries are better if you buy them at the farmers market

From the Press Democrat
“This is the perfect time to eat them and get a feel for each of them — the distinct flavors of each one of them,” said Gloria Vigil of Sebastopol Berry Farm. “This is what nature meant for you to have as a berry.”

Vigil’s 10-acre family farm is one of the few dedicated exclusively to cultivating organic berries in the area.

The best place to find them: Local farmers markets. Because ripe berries are extremely perishable — and only truly delicious when picked ripe — the only way to really enjoy them is straight from the field, within a day or two. Berries that are transported for large distances have to be picked unripe, and though they may look good, just won’t have the flavor of a truly ripe berry.

The market is jam packed with berries.

If you don’t know your blackberry from your marion berry a recent Press Democrat article will fill you in.