IGROW Sonoma County

IGROW is all about growing, eating, and sharing healthy food.

On a single weekend, May 15-16, 350 Sonoma County landscapes will be transformed into bountiful, water-wise food gardens.


Why Grow?

Food gardens are sprouting up on balconies, patios, front yards, backyards, rooftops, and school and community gardens around Sonoma County. Growing your own fruits and vegetables is easy and rewarding once you know the basics.
Why Grow a Food Garden?

* Fun and fresh air for your family
* Easy access to healthy, great tasting food
* Save money on your food budget
* Learn skills and be more self-reliant
* Create beauty – for you and your neighbors
* Share with neighbors and friends

So, what are you waiting for? Put that shovel in the soil and start growing!

Together we’ll grow a healthier Sonoma County.

Even if you are a short attention span gardener you can participate. The Fulton Creek Farms has strawberry plants ready for harvest. You can plant and pick the same day.