Help End Hunger in Sonoma County





There are over 80,000 people in Sonoma County who aren’t able to get enough to eat on


their own.


The Redwood Empire Food Bank’s goal is to end hunger in Sonoma County.


They are not a one size fits all program but offer many ways to serve those living with


food insecurity.


Until recently food programs depended largely on canned and dry goods.  Now through


innovative programs, they are able to offer fresh fruits and vegetables.


The market’s initiative is to help our farmers and ranchers increase their contributions to


ending hunger in Sonoma County.


Every week  the market collects contributions and delivers them to the Redwood Empire Food Bank.  It’s hard to imagine people are hungry in Sonoma County looking at what is Sonoma

grown.  We are doing our best to share what we grow.


At this time of year, there is a lot of attention on holiday dinners for the homeless

Let’s tackle this problem year-round.  We urge everyone to get involved in ending hunger in Sonoma County.