Happy Labor Day Weekend!

What better way to honor Labor Day than a visit to your local farmers’ market? We’ve got laborers in spades. Whether they’re farmers, ranchers, bakers, producers, cooks, jewelers, wood workers, metal workers, soapers, potters, sewists or makers, all our vendors perform skilled manual work. They love what they do and they love sharing it with you. To support them is truly celebrating Labor Day and we can’t thank you enough! See you at the market.
Our laborers for tomorrow include:
Armstrong Valley Farm
Bernier Farms
Bohemian Well Being
Farm Sinclair
Gourmet Mushrooms
Half Wild Eggs @ Singing frogs
Heather’s Meat
Hector’s Honey
Humble Roots
Heron Almonds
Joe Matos Cheese
John Ford Meats
Lantern Farm
Ma & Pa’s Garden
Min Hee Hill Gardens
Nature’s Spirit
Neve Farm
Pazzo Marco Dairy
Ponce Farm
Salmon Creek
Schletewitz Family Farm
Sebastopol Berry
Singing Frogs Farm
Straus Family Creamery
The Beet Generaton
The Patch
Walker Apples
Williamson Farm
Ely’ Kitchen
The Green Grocer
Falafel Fix
Anna’s Seafood
Berkman’s Spices
CA Cookies
Cirque du Ferments
Coastal Elements
Costeaux Bakery
Dominique’s Sweets
Edgeworker Sharpening
Eyrie Olive Oil
Franco One World Sausage
Full Circle Bakery
Future Eats
Ga Ga Café
Hiroko Ceramics
John Rizzi Glass Art
Leon Day
Mary Jane Salberg
Peak Chiropactric
Pure Puer Tea
Raymond’s Bakery
Royale Hare
Run Around Brew
Sandra’s Crafts
Scott Wilson Pottery
Sia Baskets
Steven’s Smoked Salmon
The Garden Wild
Wine Country Garden Art
Master Gardeners
Free Book Mobile