Grilling Demonstration at the market June 14th






It’s summer, it’s Father’s day…it’s grillin’ time. To help you get in the swing of things the market is having a special grilling demonstration on Saturday June 14th

The grilling will be done by the folks from the Green Grocer. This is your chance to get some great grilling advice.

And you get to sample too!

All kinds of things you might not have thought about can be grilled.

Here is the menu so far:
Oyster and Shiitake Mushrooms from Bohemian Well-Being Farm
Ground Beef from Owens Family Farm
Ground Beef from John Ford Ranch
Tomatoes from Parsons’ Homegrown
Peaches from Ponce EGB
Romanesco , summer squash and ancho-chipoltle grilling spices from Min Hee Hill Gardens
Olive Oil from Stonehouse Olive Oil
Grilling Onions and Fresh Herbs Bernier Farm
Sausages from Franco’s One World Sausages
BBQ Sauce from Waterhorse Ridge
London Broil from Salmon Creek Ranch
Honey from Hector’s Honey
Rolls and bread from Costeaux French Bakery
Rolls and bread from Raymond’s Bakery B&B at Elim Grove