Good News!

Hello to our Santa Rosa Farm Market Friends:

Good News on the Genetically Engineered Food front: Organic farmers from Oregon have brought suit against the government for approving RoundUp Ready sugar beets. A federal judge in San Francisco decided that the government failed to adequately evaluate the impact of “Roundup Ready” sugar beets on other, non GE crops and that an Environmental Impact Statement is required before planting of GE sugar beets can continue.

U.S. District Judge Jeffrey White found: “The potential elimination of farmers’ choice to grow non genetically engineered crops, or consumers’ choice to eat non genetically engineered food…has a significant effect on the human environment.”

So, we can all eat sugar again – at least for awhile. I am sure than Monsanto will try to fight this ruling with their bank of lawyers but the acknowledgement that we have a right not to eat this stuff is a great relief…That hasn’t been a prevalent opinion by the powers that control the food system and this ruling should help.

Don’t forget to see Food, Inc. for a better look at Monsanto – the Darth Vader of the food system – or one of them.

Meanwhile, what can I say? Your local farmers don’t use genetically engineered seed!

Thanks for shopping local and good, clean and fair.

Santa Rosa Farmers Market Manager

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