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Two more weeks of  gardening classes at the market

April 28

Selecting the Best Plants for Your Garden

Free basil seedling and soil in a compostable container

May 5

Children’s Gardens

Enjoy a free pumpkin plant to grow in your garden.

Tomato specialists Ma and Pa’s Garden are back but you have to get there early — they sold out by 11:30 AM every single tomato plant gone!  But there will be more next week.

Triple T Ranch and Farm offers organic vegetable starts – they have a wonderful selection of peppers.

Skyview Nursery remains one of the popular stops at the market.  As with all the nursery stock at the market, it is grown locally so it is perfect for the Sonoma County gardener —  no location shock.  Glenn is a wealth of information and if you live at the coast and are determined to grow warm weather crops – he can give you suggestions to increase your chance at success.

Nature’s Spirits offers organic starts.  A great selection of greens and other vegetables.

And if you want your vegetables to do particularly well especially tomatoes – think about shopping with your newest vendor – The Oz Family Farm — they raise rabbits and now they are offering rabbit manure.

Rabbit manure is a prized fertilizer for gardeners. They “double digest” their food and because of this ultra-digestion, the fertilizer isn’t as “hot” and so you can put it directly into the soil without concern for burning seedlings. Also, unlike horses, which only digest their food once, rabbits (and ruminants: cows, llamas, deer…) thoroughly digest any grass-seeds they eat making the seeds sterile so they won’t sprout in your garden beds. This saves a huge amount of energy later in the season by reducing the amount of weeding necessary.
Daffadils, Dahlias and Lilies Oh My! has beautiful blooming plants to add a spot of color to your garden right now and unusual flower starts for later blooms.  In stock now she has cinnamon colored sunflower seedlings.
X-oticals known for their orchid selection also has colorful potted spring flowers.
Fulton Creek Nursery specializes in gardening for those who have a tiny space.
They have beautiful herb bowls and combination lettuce pots –  make the most of your gardening area.