Fresh Green Almonds You can bet you can eat the whole thing!

Occasionally there are spring almonds that look like fuzzy uncured olives with a soft nut that you pop out to snack on.    But rarely does DeSantis Bella Fruta have the even younger version, those with merely a jelly-like idea of an almond so you can eat the entire thing, pod and all.   It tastes like a cross between a very tart apple and a cucumber.

“Even cooked they are still fantastically intriguing – the citrusy jellied center liquefies and pops when you bite into the still-crunchy little orbs.”  read more from Squid Ink

“You can enjoy green almonds whole, fuzzy green soft shell and all, or cleaned, eating only the kernel within. Whole green almonds are much more sour than shelled. The shelled fresh nut is dewy and mildly tart. Tsagala are delicious both ways. In Crete, where most edible wild foods find a vast multitude of uses, whole tsagala are added to goat stews, which are finished with avgolemono (the egg-lemon liaison that enriches myriad Greek dishes). They are also simmered with onions and tomatoes and added to delicious concoctions of braised wild greens, which can include wild fennel, tender sorrel, chervil, young leeks, tomato and broad bean shoots, spring onions and a hint of tomato paste. Cooked greens stews exist in many parts of Greece and go by several different names.” read more at Zester Daily

This is a short season item.  DeSantis is at the Wed and Sat market and they always have something interesting to try.