Favorite Fall Holiday

Whatever you favorite fall holiday is..get everything you need at the Santa Rosa Original Certified Farmers Market – Wednesday and Saturday.

Lots of cool stuff for Halloween. Even possible costumes! The market is having a clothing swap Saturday October 22. Who knows who you could be? Or do some fall cleaning and get rid of your gently worn clothes.

If The Day of Dead is your holiday of choice – check out the candy skulls at Gandolph’s. This is new school day of the dead decorations – these are skulls you will want to eat.

Willow Design has great holiday theme aprons and jewelry.

Market bakers have fall holiday cookies, cakes and pies..and speaking of pies, Dominique and Flour Creations are now taking orders for holiday pies.

No matter what you want to do with that pumpkin or squash – there is one for you.
Almost every vendor has some kind of squash or pumpkin.