Eating Hot and Spicy Foods will keep you cool

Tierra Vegetables Hot Sauce

It’s true eating hot and spicy keeps you cool.
The Wednesday market is hot and spicy – the perfect spot to cool off and have some great market treats and shop for some easy but spicy fare.
Tierra Vegetable, Wednesday only, has a great collection of pepper oils and other hot stuff to perk up any dish.
Mi Fiesta has a great selection of hot and spicy salsa enough to try a different one every day. You can use them as dips of course but they are also a great addition to any dish.
Berkmans Spices has a blend called the Devil’s Kiss. That should get you going. They have blends that can help you kick up any dish.
See what Franco’s One World Sausage has in stock they have some really spicy ones.
Golden State Pickleworks can deliver a punch – check to see what they have in stock.
Hot peppers are just starting to show up at the market and be sure and check out the spicy pasta at Beet Generation Farm.
Stay cool and drink lots of water – there is always water for the public at the information booth.
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