East and West Afghan Gourmet Food

East & West Afghan Gourmet Food

East & West Gourmet Afghan Foods is the story of an Afghan woman and her family’s struggle in the search for a better life. Supported by her husband and eldest son they immigrated to the US and founded East & West Gourmet Foods. Inhabiting the Bay Area’s farmers’ markets, this unique fusion of East and West flavors quickly gained popularity. Soon the the word spread about these gourmet gifts of love to their adopted country.

At the markets, Bilal Sidiq, our “Ambassador of Love,” invites people to experience East & West Gourmet Foods with a smiling face, easy rapport, and arms filled with samples.

Once you’ve tasted East & West Gourmet Foods, you’ll become a customer for life!
Featuring the bolani –
Bolani is a traditional handmade Afghani filled flat-bread stuffed with spinach, pumpkin, potato, or lentil. Baked in a clay oven (tandoori), bolani is Usually served warm. All of our bolanis are lightly brushed with soybean oil.

Bolanis contain no meat or meat products so they are perfect for those trying healthy alternatives, vegetarians and those who appreciate delicious, gourmet food.

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