Clothing Swap Saturday October 22

A Ritual For Changing Seasons or Anytime!

Bring your stuff and get some new stuff!

A clothing swap is a fun, ecological way to get new-to-you clothes and give away unwanted items. Yes, the term swap is a somewhat of a misnomer, but that is how it was introduced in the early 80’s, and the name stuck. LITE co-founder Portia Sinnott has organized one or more swaps per year since 1985 and has saved tens of thousands of dollars – for herself and thousands of other people. (i.e., $500 per year x 25 years x 1 person > $12,500.)

Often magical events, swaps help ease tight budgets and allows you to take home items you would never dream of trying on let alone buying. Swaps also helps spread the wealth, raises awareness about reuse and reduces the amount being landfilled.

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