Celebrate Spring!

Whether it’s Passover, Easter or Holi (Hindu celebration of spring)   The market is full of things for your Spring Fling!.

If you are responsible for eggs for dying and hiding, roasting or deviling or maybe for a bendict for brunch.  Our farmers have all kinds of eggs — from giant duck eggs to tiny quail eggs.   Hector’s Honey has eggs colored by nature.  His Araucana chickens lay pastel colored eggs.   Triple T (Wed/Sat) has quail eggs.  Salmon Creek Ranch has duck eggs (Sat.)

Spring is the season for fresh garlic, pea shoots, peas, and it’s lettuce-palooza.

Sonoma and surrounding areas has been home to an explosion of small meat and poultry producers.    Many of them now sell at the  market.  Saturday ranchers include:  Williams Lamb, John Ford Beef, Pepper Ranch Heritage Chicken, Owens Family Farm and Triple T chickens.  Wednesday Triple T and Dreamcatcher Ranch are in place.

Dominque’s Sweets will be your Easter Bunny.  She can put together the best Easter Basket for everyone on your list.

Everyone is happy to take orders to make sure you get exactly what you need. Call today!

The market is the very picture of spring.