Saturday’s vendor list

It’s time for special orders for the holidays. Owen Family Farm has smoked hams in addition to their usual menu. If you want to guarantee a certain cut of meat it is a good idea to order ahead.
Thanksgiving is Thursday November 28th. If you want a pie from Dominique’s Sweets or some other fabulous dessert order now and you can pick it up at the Wednesday November 27th market.
Franco’s wants to know your sausage needs as well.

DeSantis Bella Fruita is back Just in time for citrus season. There were at least ten kinds of citrus including Buddha’s hand and Calamondin: cousin of the kumquat — they have kumquats too, grapes, raisins, nuts and pomegranates. Check to see if the white pomegranates are in — all the great flavor no big red mess.

K and K are back. Just walnuts but people have been anxiously awaiting their arrival

It’s wrap up time for more seasonal vendors – Nov. 23rd is the end of the Season for X-oticals (they will return beginning of February).
Bella Ridge Orchard Organic Apples, Pears and apple-pears will be at the market one or two more weeks.

The Patch has a lot of tomatoes. The warmer, drier weather means tomatoes through Thanksgiving. Big beautiful tomatoes, eggplant, green beans – it still looks like summer at the Patch.


Armstrong Valley Farm

Bernier FArm

Bohemian Wellbeing Farm

Canvas Ranch

First Light Farm

Foggy River Farm

Hectors Honey

K&K Farm

Laguna Farm

Leap Frog Greens

Ma & Pa’s Garden

Min-Hee Hills Garden

New Family Farm

Offerings of the Land

Orchard Farms

Singing Frogs Farm

Sonoma Coast Organics

The Beet Generation

The Patch

Meats & Fish:
Franco’s One World Sausage

Freshway Fish

John Ford Ranch

Karlonas Farms

Owen Family Farm

Oz Family Farm

Pepper Ranch

Salmon Creek

Black Sheep Farm

Williams Ranch

Fruits & Nuts:
Bella Ridge Farm

DeSantis Farms

EGB Farm

K&K Farm

Sonoma Coast Organics

Twin Peaks Orchards

Walkers Apples

Dairy & Eggs:
Armstrong Valley Farm

Bellwether Farms

Hectors Honey

McClelland’s Dairy

Pepper Ranch

Two Rock Valley Cheese

Weirauch Farm & Creamery

Sweet Treats:
Cookie…..Take a Bite

Dominique’s Sweets

Gandolf’s Fine Chocolates

Grizzly Bear Sweets

Mama Barretta

Starting from Scratch


Gaga Café


Pure Puer Tea

Run Around Brew

The Beet Generation Juice

Baked Goods:
Cookie…Take a Bite

Costeaux French Bakery

Dominique’s Sweets

Full Circle Bakery

Mama Barretta

Raymond’s Bakery

Specialty Items:

East West Gourmet

Home Maid Ravioli

Hue de Laroque

Leon Day Condiments

Not yer Mommas Granola

Sensible Foods

Stonehouse Olive Oil

The Philosophers Stoneground

Waterhorse Ridge

Prepared Foods:
Chef Henderson Catering

Green Grocer

Guerilla Foods

Mi Fiesta Catering

Penang Kitchen

Starting from Scratch

Plants & Fresh Flowers:
Dahlias, Daffodils, Lillies Oh My!

Kay’s BoKays

Natures Spirit Garden


Pottery / Ceramics:
Architectural Ceramic Designs

JK Pottery

Peggy Parr Pottery

Peter Bailey

Willow Designs

California Coops

D.H. Woodworking

Sonoma Garden Designs

Home Decor:

Alma’s Oilcloths

Aroma Floral Designs

Sia Baskets

Earth Temple

Just for You:
Hilltop Honey

Royale Hare

Edgeworks Sharpening Services

Gifted Touch Bodywork


Michele Anna Jordan has been writing about shopping at farmers markets for the Press Democrat for the last fifteen years.  She takes a look back at her first column and offers a great bit of history of the Original Certified Santa Rosa Farmers Market and her column.

Here’s her list:

Strategies for Successful Farm Market Shopping 

  • Take a cooler with ice (for dairy products, poultry, seafood, and strawberries) and a bucket of water (for flowers).
  • Keep several strong cloth or string bags in your car.
  • Remember to take small bills and plenty of change (in larger markets, guard against pickpockets, a potential problem as markets become more popular).
  • Go early and walk the market before making your purchases; taste and compare whenever possible.
  • Don’t shop with a list—look for what is at its peak, then build a meal around it.  A well-stocked pantry of staples (olive oils, vinegars, spices, pasta, beans and other legumes, and frozen homemade stocks) back home makes this a breeze.
  • Take large or heavy items to your car immediately, or ask the farmer to set them aside for you.
  • Don’t barter over small items, only large quantities (lugs of peaches, for example) near the end of the market day.
  • Remember to bring sunscreen in warm weather.
  • Ask questions even if you think you know the answer (it’s often not what you expect).
  • Relax and try not to hurry.  The pleasure of being at the market is nearly as important as your purchases.
  • Put your car keys in your pocket or purse before you begin shopping.

read more from this column originally published April 23, 1997


In today’s column there is a little more market history  both column have wonderful seasonal recipes

Do you have a tip for shopping at the market?